Who I am ?

A computer science grad from Indian Institute of Technology Mandi. Interested in programming in general. I have a keen interest in programming and thus I like competitive coding, scalability, and solving real-life problems.

What have I done till date ?

I have accomplished a lot starting with cracking IIT-JEE and making way to one of the most reputed institutes in the country. I started with absolute zero knowledge of programming. Now, I mostly stand in top 15% in many contests on online judges (See my Hackerrank profile here). I have been working with a startup called mycity4kids since past one year. I have done some really cool stuff there which includes implementation of different technologies like Elastic Search, Redis, dynmaoDb. Currently, I am devising the architecture and algorithm for the recommendation engine. 

What do I want to be ?

I am not sure about that part till now. Because my goal and inspirations change on daily basis. The only thing I am sure of is that I want to be someone who will be remembered for his contribution towards computer science.

What else ?

Other than coding I love watching TV Series. My favorite series includes GOT, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Suits and many others. If I have to choose one favorite fictional character from these series then he would be Harvey Spectre you know from which series.

Why this blog ?

I started this blog to help my fellow coders who are or will be in the same boat as I was in once. So that they can take a leaf or two of my book which will help them in their endeavor.

What should you do?

If somehow you are helped by any of my work, please help others in the same way or another.